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or the actual cautery is highly recommended. Absolute rest in the coun-

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and head. The abdomen is prominent, and the liver and spleen will

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stage according to Inada and Ido, or the icteric period according to

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le.y added some (^clat to the proceedings. At this meet-

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seat of convulsion. When the spasmodic attack is limited to the

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Fraenkel (3) confirmed Aschoff's observations as to the specificity of the

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lar, rarely /Teg'Me?^^ a,nd feeble ; the pupils are unequal; the headache,

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plete is the system that there is hardly a young man

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festations, which follow a uniform order of development, and are of two

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of the normal type of these cells. On the contrary, the cell body as

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sible to confound these two forms of fever. The sudden advent of a remit-

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choked with red corpuscles and their endothelial cells altered. Some de-

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7.2, 7.6, 6.6, 7.2). The number in parenthesis after stimulation gives the dis-

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vomiting, and vertigo not unfrequently ensue as the effect of the

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beating with force and the pulse was small and irregular^ The

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acute infectious diseases, typhoid, small-pox, scarlet fever, and measles,

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concerning the cerebellum that may lead to this organ being regarded as

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in the inferior and middle lobes of the lungs ; this is the lobidar-dis-

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hours. When the evacuation of the bladder was induced, the patient

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induce a h)ca] neuritis. It is only when such conditions are complicated

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The results were uniformly negative; no animal which had been sen-

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0.24 mg. of epinephrin. The right adrenal weighed 0.209 gm. and

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competent observers in Europe and America ; and most, if not all,

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The remarks of one who took a lively interest in arresting the pro*

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these glands could not have been felt through the abdominal walls,

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1 Anniiske (in v. Graefe's Archiv) states that optic neuritis occvpies the first rank among the symptoms oj

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an exalted irritability of sensory centres and peripheral expansion, which

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suspect that some such exciting cause, as in the cases just detailed

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many cases the paralysis is •'•'crossed," the hemiplegia being on the oppo-

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recommending re-vaccination t)etween the ages-ef ten and thirty

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occurs at night and in those who are dissipated or worn out, or are in the

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the typical range of temperature during the week is diagnostic of

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