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An exhaustive consideration of the bacteriology of the septicaemias,

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glycerinated lymph sold in the United States has been of very poor quality,

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more care is exercised in the indiscriminate use of handkerchiefs and in

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utility. According to Liebmann the bacilli are found most frequently

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tonitis is not so likely to occur, and death following second

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to-day some, as Donald Hood, who regards it as a modified measles, question

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From the study of the blood combined with the study of the organs it seems

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palms and soles. In malarial fever after the chill, during the remission when

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(c) The husband, if alive and insurable, must be insured

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in many experiments on mice, rats, guinea-pigs, rabbits, hogs, cats, dogs,

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bacillus has been allowed to grow for several weeks. The toxin has also been

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table giving the fatality per cent, of diphtheria according to the day of the

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The ulceration may be superficial but often extends deeply and involves the

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decomposition, and various digestive ferments. Precipitin is not formed by

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possible only in few houses — and the more rapid dealing with emergencies.

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complications, as gangrene or suppuration, may arise. Erysipelas may recur

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allaying thirst and maintaining the renal secretion. Sodium bicarbonate

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always successful. This method of treatment can be well supplemented by

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was noted in about 25 per cent, but it must be remembered that probably

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regarded by him, that the final decision must be left to the

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these contracted the disease from the same source as the first patient, but

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If a well-filled vein be cut, dark and thick blood flows which does not become

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bedclothes. Other patients Avill often pick at the clothing of anyone coming

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the process being known as 'multiplicative reproduction.' The gemmules

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cases of pneumonia. Spengler is of the opinion that the organism is the

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cytolytic (bacteriolytic) immunity, to the production of intermediary bodies

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the guilty party, was retained, and the examiner was sum-

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Very early Jenner established the following points: The protection of

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this method with a death-rate of 4.9 per cent. Creosote has also been

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injection of even a small quantity of bacillus causes severe catarrh and

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the albumin may combine with the remainder, forming a

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hours the epithelium shows swelling, but not macroscopically. Howard

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Under this heading there are no positive facts to be considered, although the

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