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maintained and become permanently established. I have the honor to be,
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Place a pail of thin gruel so the animal can suck it ; this
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in acute sciatica and with the most gratifying results.
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and this opinion is confirmed if there be symptoms referable to
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Indications. — Indigestion, with excessive formation of acid ;
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his vocabulary or in his life. What a distorted half
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for the utilization of the newer knowledge hampers the organization
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"Because hyoscyamus is poisonous, it is no. reason why it
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menses, which lasted six weeks. About the same time her
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is the pale, thin, cast down and unhappy looking woman with
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— than ergot." Another writer says that pulverized ergot spread
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much experience during this endemic, relied principally
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jection. The microorganism can indeed be recovered in cultures
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chitis, but on account of continued cough and malaise his physician desired

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