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There were no abnormal cells and the contents were sterile. Thei e was

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foreskin retracted and cover the wound. Dr. Cruise remarks

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It has been held and as the writer thinks with good reason that

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Dr Drake read a paper on Medical Inspection of the Schools.

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with the ancient English hound improved by judicious crossings.

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largest quantity of haemoglobin is resent in the blood

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elsewhere produce the same phenomenon this is of importance only if

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ning of all Colds by which Defluxions are apt to fall wi

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of large crowds for pilgrimages exhibitions fairs annual markets

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These cases liave been grouped together to show tlie development of osteo

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hand and radical surgical measures on the other where we

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microscopically in a fresh blood specimen was followed within hours by a sharp

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k. An obvious alternative is to conjoin the autoinoculation of

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with a considerable collection of fluid tired out with the many attempts at

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Alcohol two parts Water one part fourteen fluid ounces.

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yet we are able to affirm that ticks can produce it. Whether the

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prerequisite for entering or continuing in employment. Every con

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stage. The typhoid condition may be developed in the sweating stage

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sometimes however the cough is attended with expectoration.

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dead drunk. If the poison operates still more deeply and abolish

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and so clearly that for the first time the discussion of the

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inflammation stubborn. Throughout the whole attack until a cure is

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claims to originality. In the late work of Professor EUiotson which I

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place when we stop the action of tho heart by galvanizing the

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It is plausible that the completeness of case reporting

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had just lost two daughters by the same disease which ap

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inghouse of the Jacob Dold Packing Company located there. Fran

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as are likely to result from this neglect or refusal to adopt the

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scarlet fever. There was but little relief from the operation

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tient was a male aged twenty years and was sent to the Adirondack

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