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Vol. XXII. Louisville, Ky., October 3, 1896. No. 7.

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abdominal band. One and one-half years later no re-

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was rewarded with silence by his countrymen. Bottini therefore

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his material. In this way the criterion of compari-

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her nearly dead — tongue pointed, red and parched; skin dry, harsh

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planation by a study of the effects on the surface ves-

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tures. The division is above the junction of the super-

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in one case in which there were numerous attacks of ob-

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perooei muscles. I am still seeing cases of tendoeynovitis at the wrist

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and I am now still further honored bj^ being the mcumbent

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length of life in those animals that died of tuberculosis

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than in former years and in consequence much better class

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the most variable character. Its aspirations, like its

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In addition, he is a member of numerous medical organizations. He

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membranes probably represent the primary essential lesion of scarlet fever.

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on the scalps of elementary school students in a west-

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not forego the opportunity I have in expressing to you the gratitude I

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is entirely healed ; no pain has been experienced except on the

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glomerulonephritis, but the arterial lesions are not

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more or less common to all. In the parting words which constitute

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the unil)ilieiis and running down on tiie h It \k-\^. At

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arranged in an arborescent manner and symmetrically;

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ant. If persecutions must take place, let persecutors ■

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during convalescence, as the French put it "mort gueri." The food should be

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Zicischenkorper — only to normal as distinguished from immune amboceptors.

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be interesting to state that careful analysis can determine

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bots in the stomachs of grooms. Also of the gadfly, oestrus

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lems in man, animals, and plants. In his own labora-

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Putnam, J. J. Remarks on the desirability of a more careful study

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uncommon, and the limb may be suddenly extended as in the act of

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property in the blood serum of man, the monkey, rabbit, and the

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been particularly noticed in the departments of English

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gathered in a country free from contagious or infec-

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As to treatment, Dr. Mack believed constitutional remedies

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conjugate diameter is less than three inches, the practice should be

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