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May 2'/. Injecteil with solution of sulphate of copper, and applied
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in Great Ormond Street with a large hygroma of the forearm. The father
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eral use being placed in the library proper. A pleasing in-
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the pieces a convenient size for the dish they are served in.
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competition with the parenchyma receiving all the portal blood. ^
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remember the great debates that used to take place in this Society
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extract about half a drop of the active principle of
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say, gradually extending to members of the " regular " profession.
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present edition will increase its usefulness as a book of reference.
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weights, measures, and coinage, making it a useful guide for doctors, nurses, dressers, and
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'" Cless. Luft im Blute. Stuttgart, 1854, and Gouty. Th6se, Paris, 1875.
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advanced;— this is a stage of the disease which may last for many years,
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An institution is not worth preserving simply because it is nearly a
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certain methods of treatment and practising more or
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symptoms including anorexia, tatigue, weakness, restlessness and lethargy
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The interest felt in the College bv the Medical Profession has been
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of the gun was driven forcibly from the barrel, and its direction being changed
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Three cities have tuberculosis dispensaries ; 5 cities have organizations
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Besides personal experience of these mechanical filters, the reliable
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which he conveyed it to his mouth. The pouring of the
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Medicine and the Health Sciences, PO Box 24902, UCLA, Los Angeles
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posterior extremities, and to a slighter degree of the anterior extremity
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at his own house, March 13, 1889. He was in bed, with a tem-
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which is inserted lowest into the humerus, the pectoral part highest, the influ-
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An Affection cliaracterised ly Progressive Sypertropliy of the super-
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paper. It is the ideas of the other members that we want.
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Strychnia has been used with benefit by Dr. Golding Bird
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place this case in contrast with the one mentioned a moment before
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July, was taken sick two weeks after, namely, on the 7th of
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(1897), 63. J., v. 2 (3), Dec, pp. 21-22. [W a W 9 .]
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during an attempt to secure the same vessel. He tied
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be borne in mind that this consideration applies to
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