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wdio took part in the discussion, thought it probable

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Sixth Day. — Patient continued comatose, temperature and pulse rapidly rising.

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the patient was young and stout, the disorder in the first stage, the

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I have visited in Europe, the clinical laboratories are run by the various clinical

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Miss Ethel V. Hogarty, Miss Jessie V. Berry, Mrs. Tom Car-

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with the synovial sheath of the flexor tendon of the little finger, the

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room one can make no such observations. The teacher must, at

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Plaster of commerce, reduced to a fine powder, 100 parts ; coal tar,

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clear " company " soup of excellent flavour, whose only fault, if it be a

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the bowels constipated ; tongue slightly furred ; pulse 70,

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metric mean titers a month after the third vaccine dose were significantly greater (P< .03) on both

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upon the eye of Mrs. Martha Schick. Right eye central vision

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Of the services of Dr. Stephenson, I know not what to say

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the ground they had gained, and finally made a hasty

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of these parasites shortly after its birth, we find that it resembles

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sible trace of albumin, and the presence of bile. The spinal fluid showed

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Treatment. — If the patient emerges from the comatose state,

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Ataxia of larynx : — Krause. Neurol. Centralb. 1885, p. 546. — Gat. Brain, x.

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account of the thickness of its walls and their intense slaty pig-

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condition, and the expression of an opinion, however positively

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acid. The residue was digested on a water bath for fifteen minutes

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Motion carried that a tax of one dollar be collected from each Fellow

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emetics, purgatives, diaphoretics, low diet, and tepid sponging are

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not to speak of tlie anxiety of one such case l)ein^ ph-nty for

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carried out at many of the colleges, at West Point and

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concerned are those already existing in the healthy throat, and that the

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four hours and persisted several days. In the first animal, a rabbit, 40

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