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can not make it any stronger, as the water will not dissolve any more of the ingredi-
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The foUowiuGf passage from Ludwig will show that he was well
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tion of the altered blood in the over-filled capillaries. The appearance of the
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assist in the proper carrying- out of this suggestion, the Commis-
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two neurones of the motor tegmentum and farther laterally two which probably
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appeared upon the buttocks and in the groin, and lasted about three days.
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Sheffield, on " Structure and Functions of Xerve Fibres." Prof. J. J.
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narians. It is the duty of the police to select the spot where such
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ventricle (thus closed both above and below) was distended with clear fluid. So
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was threatened by a dangerous ulcer : their fear was
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(i) In the smaller hospitals the senior noncommissioned officer, under the
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though inferior to inunctions and calomel injections.
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Ipecacuanha sine emetina is, generally speaking, unsatisfactory too. The
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which the wounded men were treated, and not, as was supposed
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causes, in connection, perhaps, with local insanitary
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such popular volumes as Rose & Carless "' Surgery," Stewart's
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tween these terms ; that the term contagion had not been
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members. Delegates to the American Medical Associa-
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occur among the wounded took place at the time when the troops,
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the prosaic phraseology of a Royal warrant or the bald description of a
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reader will certainly misunderstand them. Generally, also, a downright fact may be told in a plain
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yellow tinge, with oftentimes dark red or black spots. The
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weaken the creature, lower the vitality of the system, and conse-
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cent, potassium iodide containing iodine dissolved to make it an addi-
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adrenergic blocking activity propranolol may prevent the appearance of premonitory signs
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Woodbury, F. An instance of urticaria occurring as an initial
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August 6th.- — Visited the child of 1ST — — , aged 18 months, It
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Nevertheless, as before mentioned, this attempted confirmation
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disease or incapacitated for further work. It would have
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tine, or those by which the blood passes from the arteries
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David Judson Lingle, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Physiology.

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