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nervous diseases is in the case of peripheral neuritis occurring in Europeans
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attempt the first of these alternatives, and when, Sir, you
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and other micro-organisns, it is characterized by a
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Report of the Royal Commission it is stated that " great exertions
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ter in die. I7th. A slight erythema has been excited over the
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accuracy, and at very little cost of time. It must be confessed, nevertheless,
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slight hyperemia of the lining membrane of the stom-
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sons place his tongue in the position required for laryngoscopic
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9, 1889. Clinical reports of my experience with this method of treat-
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weighty support which the diagnosis derives from the collateral
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as well in order to favour the process of clotting. A more recent
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lower urinary tract by the blood stream, the lymph stream, or urinary
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stage of the attack before suppuration has begun can not be
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the growth of a hard cone-shaped bit of cuticle which, pressing in its
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numbers are the victims of plague. In consequence of the hatred
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LoxGET, Erxest. Art. "Ya^cine," Diet. Eiicyc. des sciences medicates, p. 204. — 37rt.
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liarrhcea. The difference^ pathok^cally, consists, sb
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as fur as cleanliness is concerned. lie believes the
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meninges, with whitish patches apparent on the vertex and at the base, con-
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0.1 c.c. of serum, the second 0.05 c.c, the third 0.025 c.c, etc To
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paratively slight disfigurement. This has been the case not only
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Salpingitis. Is salpingitis to be treated by extirpation of the tubes
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these figures as a guide in our effoits to secure intestinal
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BelftotbalnrertlKatlaBandBppllcBtlDnor £leetrMtT at a remedial
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that is recent. It would be greatly improved if there was a
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chases gave access to the pharmacies, and opportunity to

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