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the vagus. Langley's argument in favor of this has been given
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led from the hepatized region to those alveoli which contained
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The grave significance of the facial paresis or paralysis in tuberculous
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sign of gout, before he takes his dose. Then, in all
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Since the adrenalin will reach the pancreatic cells more thoroughly
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part of the thorax than over the larynx, it must have derived its increased
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A high position of the cecum, even if non-rotated, would not
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cles are spread out in the form of a net. The meshes (plasma-islands, or inter-
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elements of cow's milk and of the Faiinaceous Foods, without the starch-
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weaken the body and diminish its powers of resistance to dis-
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This is a form of degeneration which occurs in the superficial layers of the
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chronic forms, it is a potent cause of their chronicity, as well
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Most writers agree wdth this classification. Some say that gout
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marked fibrin formation it suggests the possibility of
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Dr. Good, in his admirable treatise on Typhous fever, men-
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an unusual state of the temper or manner, unusual drowsiness
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the skin, but showing identical lesions on the buccal mucous membranes.
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product of a dissolute, diseased or drunken companion.
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and should thev, bv actual observation of nature, find that in some
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the liver (if Bernard's views be correct), this was resolved into sugar and
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ancient cities the ruins of which are hardly to be traced in dense
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awful washing of dirty clothes in public is to be avoided as you
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bodies and colloids, while Bechhold points out that the colloid nature of

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