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cold, being in the month of December; that he had been

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" Helta-Skelta. The new substitute for Strenuosity. —

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eases and the symptomatology of these diseases. Efforts

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ergometer and data collected at peak levels of exercise and at

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The following were appointed pro tern Chairmen of the Committee

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a danger that concrete cheesy matter may be left unabsorbed, and under

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no instance have I encountered the large white kidney at the

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Williams' work is also divided into four chapters, with an

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consisting of disintegrated brain substance, mixed with grumous

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because most of these patients could walk back to their own wards,

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shrapnel in the right gluteal region, as well as a missile in the right groin,

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treated with vaccines, but death occurred in a few months. He asked if

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up, as it were, to its highest pitch of excitement. The

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ing point is only one-half of its total displacement. Since mercury

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In the spring of 1860 she had a small haemoptysis, and for several

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exported would be $52,246.23, or 7.74 cents per head. The average

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of hemorrhage in the course of the gastrointestinal tract, either

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remission of the fever is due, ranging from 10,000 to 14,000 per cmm. Cases

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The conjunctival and corneal irritation, which constitute?

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articulation of the third metacarpal bone with the first phalanges of the middle fin-

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things ? Are we not always mistaking molehills for mountains ?

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strapped in. [It has a substantial top provided with curtains and a hood,

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albumose peptone ® containing 1 2 per cent, alcohol for

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James Bathgate, and John P. Garrish, of New York city.

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joints on which we used the injection we were rewarded with very,

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vessel in the lung. It was, therefore, necessary to

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doors, it is carried immediately away by the wind ; hence, every breath

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in the region of the stomach, bowels having been moved only

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