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system, it is not on the nerve fibers that the epinephrine unfolds its

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and in several cases muscular rheumatism, which also gave rise to

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Wirksamkeit der Typhus und Cholera-schutzimpfung, Med. Klin., 1915.

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but neither swollen nor ecchymotic ; so it is doubtful if the injury extended

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still his main contention, that normal and al)normal histogenesis

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longa eft meditata, poftquam novit, autlorcm fuum lit am

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For about two months past, this disease has prevailed quite extensively

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to cite those particular scenes which cling most strongly

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is almost never applicable, but it is often useful to the nurse and

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and nightmare, any trespass over the lightest meal at

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employed, in one of the natural hollows, are practically invisible,

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particularly in old and elderly men, and in a great many young

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in most of the cases of this affection, either such a sore or

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All books are like new and prices are F.O.B. Chicago

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in new hands, while ten generations of students have in the

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heals rapidly, and within a very short space of time

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of the infected premises and animals within his district, and upon such order to

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is good, the smaller print on the cheaper paper is not so easily

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every veterinary surgeon should lie required by law

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quality and quantity, showed, under the microscope,

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may also ascertain the existence of a pouch imprisoning the

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its genealogy cannot be very confidently given. But more and

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well after it had been continued for some time ; whilst in another

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