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aware of the former habits of the patient, and be warned never

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a thin linen rag moistened with vinegar, directing the heel to be

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"As long ago as 1858, Roussel, and, in 1861, Delmas, recom-

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Wave taken all the scum off, put in two or three quartered

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that the bacillus found by E. Fraenkel "' in hardened sections from a case

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tree; the fruition thereof is apt to be feeble if not self-destruct-

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Attention to the general health is another important sine qua non in the

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to proceed to their destination without further detention.

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on monstrosities, and from the date of the appearance of the first fasciculus, one

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We claim for the ingredients with which our capsules are filled absolute

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brings more suffering to their philoprogenitive nature, than the

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Before it is permissible to conclude that this reciprocal inhibition is a

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After their removal they are again washed in water, and are

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over the seat of the stricture by squeezing the penis

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I am inclined to think that supra-pubic drainage is more

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soluble, and such would probably be the case if potass or soda

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sick in the latter place. In October, 1584, two burgesses were sent to inspect

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instances of the former disease the pathological process had begun in

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boiling add the vegetables and herbs ; let it simmer gently

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ria ; and the tents were rolled in the same. Poultices of the slippery

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At the third left space near the sternum, the systolic

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eyes by the electric light shows that not one was due

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creatic function resulting from prolonged choledochus disease are not

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TheStylngraphic Pen is an entirely new writing instrument

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ten per cent., every two hours. He had, however,'^ showed per-

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