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puration, and various other sequences of the inflammation were
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Comparison of sputum examinations with more accurate bacteri-
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terms " Hauptkrankheit" and "Hauptweh" had been given by the people.
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1932. Payne, Franklin L., 240 Beech Hill Road, Wynnewood, Pa. (19096)
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Case t22, 3 dys. Mr. Foster, Loud. Path. Soc, April, 1847.
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bladder; to the most recent modes of affording relief by
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larly affected in a thousand other particulars, in our loves and hates, our
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sure the delivery of milk in as good a condition, practically speak-
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later date, there was also a visual aura in the left eye. The lesion in
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found to be extremely tender, the end of the ileum and the caecum
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On a motion made by Dr. Gardner, it was voted that the
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serted, without sufficient proof, that lobelia was a pure stimulant, and
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grams is sufficient to produce the diuretic action, and j
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cutaneous eruption of vesicles and pustules which are seated within the
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In conclusion, I may say that the opportunities for intra-
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Gibson. Kdinburjih Medical .Journal, February, 1896
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treatment- for locomotor ataxia, the -Schott or Nauheim treatment, etc.
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The wTiter, whose part is only that of a referee, will make free use, often
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me that we must regard the case as closely related to sporadic
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etc. It has not been shown that air and water carry the organism for any
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causes of disease, and to impress upon the public the
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the necessity of reaching a clear understanding as regards the

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