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should be kept up for a half an hour at a time, and should be fre-
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priately designated for each period. All the doctor has to do is to find the
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tion of several desirable properties, and it will proba-
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powdered myrrh, one ounce ; pulverized orris, one ounce. Mix and sift
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reply. But I retract the expression. There is folly
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the London Lancet of June 30th, appears the following editorial
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tend to be larger than normal, irregular in outline and may be of
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of the heels or legs, but it remains whole and unbroken.
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cases of true epilepsy, the latter disease being, according to this
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extent in Denmark, and I am glad to say that it has been taken up
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the right choice be made of the one who is to wield this magic influ-
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made were instituted upon the blood of persons in whom the
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constant symptom, more or less copious, often repeated and occurring
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painful necessity of denying so many tempting offers." I wish there was
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should come as no surprise. Nevertheless, during the last ten
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t Biifrinsky, Lohrbuch dcr Kiiulerkrankhciten, s. 622, Braunschweig, 87
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in New York City in 1907 are of invaluable service to us here. The
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life. Pain and failing health taking place about this time of life,
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points to such chemical action. Moreover, from cultures of pyogenic cocci
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Fantini, Gary A. Assistant Professor of Surgery. Assistant
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same time enumerating his three former illnesses and the length
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such as caustic potash and poultices. The constitutional treat-
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As noted before, there was some discrepancy in the fixing and
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not possible to be absolutely certain as to whether the rib is broken or not,
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usually only about 10 days. Recently Gibson^ removed by absorption the so
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of clear fluid, which escaped during removal of the brain. The membranes
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Although the summer of this year was remarkable for the general
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After graduation, before he settled down to the practice of his profes-
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cows are given warm water by some dairymen in winter
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of nearly equal size, armed with six hooklets at one extremity.
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was passed in his bed. It was not until the 29th of January that we succeeded in
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and the administrator’s report on hospital activities,
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