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water comes from two veins, one at 358 feel and the
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contemporaries, all men of note in public life, came to
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a fatal issue would have occurred without it. It can also give us
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the recurrence of the epilepsy. Possibly, however, in the first fit
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for the greatest technical sHU, although that is absolutely
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different character. Experience justifies us in relying
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gical character, which are imputed to the early physicians?
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operating table, and anassthetised, the depth of the fluid from
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If all thefe things are properly confidered, it will ap-
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as to the general presence of a leucocytosis in typhus
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the lameness is increased. The lameness will decrease by exer-
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the stem carefully into the ear, and placing the opening of the
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old iritis in one case ; pulmonary phthisis in one case ; hyper-
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empyema. A. Ghon 1 reports 5 cases of pneumococcic peritonitis originating
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causes that affect the degree of concentration of the urine at one
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unconnected affection of temporary duration, wisdom will
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substances are injected separately into different localities, no delay takes
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through the skin were closed by catgut sutures, and
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The pressure causes the external wound to gape slightly, and at the same time
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and is characterized, according to the pathological anatomy,
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‘'1975-1976 crisis when the public (including the media, the
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in strong terms to the *' pain and misery to the patient in such cases."
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during the course of radiation treatment the glands decreased and practically dis-
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a period of time calculated at about fifteen minutes, before they were opened,
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but the concensus of opinion seems to be that the infection comes by way of
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Laramie, August, 1891 ; Wheatland, July, 1891 ; Table Moun-
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sciatica, are traceable to streptococcic pharynx alkalinity of the blood, renal excretion, all
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increase of reflex action, an early appearance of a spastic gait, an absence
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produce a compound that should unite the best properties of antipyrin
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nately full and firm, or empty and feeble. In rubeola or measles, when
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the community will he freed from many of the foes which in
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tendency is to substitute the knife for the syringe,
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fies about as easily as carbonic dioxide. By compressing
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the body. This energy can be stored up in the system until

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