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amount of reactive force in favor of health ; that it

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in the foetal state. These nice distinctions with the entoptical method he used cannot, I am persuaded, be safely

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Electrocoagulation was performed in any patient having a

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Cafb V. — WoJind of the Lungs by round haUt, tnthovi

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false capsule sudi as renders the enucleation of the diseased tissue

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tions poisonous or non-poisonous ptomaines, or none at

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When the full term is ended, the nurses thus trained

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contemporaries, all men of note in public life, came to

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It is said that the purity of xylol is of importance, but un-

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his nurse in exactly the same way as he* regards the physician

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patient's skin was duly moistened with salt solution, the switch was

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The best mode of employing this test is to pour a little colour-

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eip«rieace only ; but the science must bnie for its tcij foundklion some know-

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meeting in Waterbury, as he had all the conveniences, and

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constant are obtained. Following are the results in the above animals on

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avoid it. He can get tupelo tents of any size ; they dilate, not too

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active and respected service exclusively for the place-

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economical proceeding, but for staying the extension of

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30 cubic centimetres of serum in totals up to 80 cubic

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may be read the purpose to do away with educational schemes

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the physical suffering of the past winter. But still, with all of our

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ation in the natural frequency of passing urine. As a rule, let

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In the treatment of all these " habit " cases, a per-

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be due to any other cause than syphilis, and the exist-

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but it improved greatly under the use of small doses

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The mortality rate would surely decrease with experience and earlier

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swelling of the head^ nose, and face, which will increase

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lap, put on in December. During the second winter, winter

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must be made, causing great delay, enhancing the patient's

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disease, scrapes the ground with his front foot, and almost

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two strips. Very careful handwriting. Two columns. Black and red ink.

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the voiceless th and s and voiced th and z, at the Linguo-

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lowing he could read No. 2 of Snellen's types at one foot — a degree

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