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operation, the urine drained away through the^ drainage tube
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employed in filling cartridges. When these are filled they are taken
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2d. That glycogenic matter is very abundant in the liver of herbiv-
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We learn that one of the last acts of the New York Legis-
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ficient breast milk. When it was thirteen days old,
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with air, has been the cause of most of the fatal accidents on
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exert its action upon the carbohydrate material of the food. As digestion
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by the exhibition of the gewgaws of wealth ? Or, if discrepancy in age
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This journal is devoted solely to the advancement of medical science and the promotion of the
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to the temperament of the animal, but mainly to the amount of septic
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Jour. Cut and Gen.-Urin. Dis., 1893, xi., 276 et seq.
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horizontal posture; others are suddenly at a loss for memory when
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Micheli, L.J.: Back injuries in gynmastics. (Symposium on Gymnastics).
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common and the less serious. It is probable that the two are generally
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in and around these products may probably form a subject of the future com-
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obtained by the decomposition of albumen have a ten-
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different parts of the river, and from different lakes
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garding the importance of the liver and of the spirits
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predict disease, such as quantitative virus load, that can be
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produce the defective cutaneous secretion and the deranged gastric one,
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notwithstanding the subcutaneous injection of atropomorphine,
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in military practice; but it is altogether otherwise. Real
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f Aubcrt and Wimmer, "Aristotle's Thierkundc," Lcipsic, 1868. ,
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ment to the test, and I am now satisfied that it will satis-

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