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A similar case has been recorded by Netter. A number of investigators have

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and it is already too late to hope for radical cure.

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and Sicily, bringing large numbers of Italian immi-

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possesses essentially the same properties. — Scientific Journal.

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cases he thought the clavicular portion of the pectoralis

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the last week of February. Congressman James J. Florio (D)

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wisest and best men, and condensed and systematized, and now

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may run out of the corner of the mouth. The free use of ice

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Fresh Air and Influenza Reports were also published and distributed

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N. F. preparations, with full descriptions as to source, characteristics,

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accompanying it ; these are isolated and then the rest

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helped if they do. Is it too much, then, to hope that in

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applied to the sole but not carried under the heel.

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abscess and performed external urethrotomy. On the day after the operation

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889). This was, of course, the practical side of the subject, but I had

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bone is broken wholly across, the periosteum is apt to

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plague clearly indicates that the disease has been always recognized

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examine them, and find that the left ventricle is hypertrophied,

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avenue, so that no money is lost by this operation ; and further,

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administration of antitoxin. At the outset, if there is very marked congestion

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eating large quantities of starch food. Without go-

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normal bile, biliverdin, which occurs as a process of

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tack. Epileptic fits at intervals supervened, and it was in one

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bicarbonate of soda, 0.23 gram (3 grains) of each, or several minute

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