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myxoedema are those of lessened activity and a grad-
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chiefly by a notable enfeeblement of the heart's action.
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and many more of a similar character, might be added
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narily, for several reasons. In the first place, it possesses a low melting-point,
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body and described it as it was when he did so. The
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and low voice, cold extremities, and a weak pulse that can be felt
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mucus. Diarrhoea, however, often sets in ; the defecations are
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fluorescein is pale yellow, but forms the bright red, fluorescent uranin
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causing pressure to be exerted on the sciatic nerve the pain
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parents and friends, and frequently by the physician, as a case of vio-
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We are now in a position to understand more fully the
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1 lb of rosin may be substituted for a like quantity of lard. —
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form, doubtless, in the primary syphilitic sores, and in the indurated
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tion of the intestines, and especially of the rectum, diseases
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their contents when these vessels make a demand upon them,
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addition, reliance on a wheel chair for mobility can result
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mechanism in the establishment of the paroxysms comes into
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as brilliant as the big. The two classes, being equally re-
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more common than generally supposed. To prevent it,
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medical relief, either through revelations by dreams, or
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appearance. Terminal and lateral branching is present but is not well marked,
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awards from the Brodhead Jaycee’s and the Green County
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to duty. S. O. 207, C. S., A. G. O. Granted leave of absence
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that different portions of the brain are subseryient to different offices, as for example, that
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on exposing the inner angle, the blood came up quickly from
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to entire disorganization of the tissues. It is known as the
country has such a thing been attempted, and it is safe to
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held — Queen's College — is one particularly well adajited
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that Rome was visited about 740 B.C. with a severe epizootic of
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pedicle. This cyst, which was twice as large as it now appears, con-
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degree of relationship, aside from the divine wisdom which dictated it, showed
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Complicated remittent fever, which may have cerebral, gastric, or
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Etiology. — ^In the coming chapter we leave unnoticed the variety
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haemorrhage (for there was none), but to prevent decomposition.
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swelled greatly and was painful. Three months later the ri
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of therapeutics, both in its specific and general doctrines,
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of refreshment and comfort in healthy or less sensitive
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pharynx. In most cases of children we are unable to cleanse the nose
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A priori there is no incongruity in the supposition, but further clinical ob-
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in the groin or behind the scrotum, or somewhere on the genitals. There

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