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which it designates, and therefore requiring the complementary

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fever 24, malaria fever 16, cerehro-spiual meningitis 11, erysip-

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Diagnosis. — The main difficulty is to distinguish between a chronic and

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which bullets have lodged among a given number of patients

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a pure culture of Eberth's bacillus. An injection of

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lodged, but it was ascertained that the bullet, before striking the

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And, to reach this end, it would make an interesting and useful

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be, when smoke is only produced by fire in which combustion is in-

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In the Office of the Librarian of Congress, at Washington-

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luded and unfortunate patients at so extended a trial

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attributed to the inundation of the ventricles, is in reality due to irrita-

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swimming. They offer a variety of programs geared to all levels of swimmers.

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with the ashes of age that he cannot appreciate the truth?

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through whose apertures one examines a second screen

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was taken from behind looking forward, shows the bullet behind the head

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On the prognosis of convulsions, it maj be laid down, almost

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as in the case just copied, good hopes of a flexible, and

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is observed clini(;ally, is due to the contraction of this new-formed

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meabili^ is increased b; the idironic catarrh that occurs in aseocia-

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If these statistics are considered, one does not feel justi-

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and melancholy. The treatment established was daily lavage, which

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hoped that more judicious methods may prevail, and that

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encephalic temperament, but his forehead, instead of running up squarely

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who tried the experiment on himself, by weighing his own com-

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of the urethra^ bladder, or kidney, they were disposed to attribute

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out of which a new creature is to be evolved. In other words,

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trolling the circulation of blood to the brain are considerably different

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the palm of the hand, (e) Congestion and oedema of the lungs are

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veloped a severe neurosis from which he never recovered.

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five minutes' exposure of the organisms to their solutions. Anthrax

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