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Development of Colour-perception. — Colour-sense and colour-knowledge must
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H^JiSf ^ff^^^rSSJlS? ^ ^ Moody, U.S.A., to Joe Holt General
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"Slams," "Kicks" or "Knocks," we extend to him our heartfelt
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second my efforts, by attending to the diet, and keeping the patient
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plished physician at the age of eighteen, and that at
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In 1796 Mr. Astley gave for the use of the same ram three hundred
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Whether the contractures in a case of hemiplegia are always due to a
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sac of caseous matter, without any involvement of the
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Lynton, North Devon, England, has a short but interesting
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Pre-icteric Symptoms. — The most common early symptom is
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Medical Society formed within this State to consist of the fol-
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1903 <>. — Line 1 Revision der Fasciolidengattung Heterophyes Cobb. (Notizen zur
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In my case the youthful age and the necessary interruption
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and at the apex, and afterwards the apex murmur has
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stances it is also liable to be uncertain in its action when subsequently
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neck or head that it is not safe to postpone the treatment. Dr. J. J.
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Fifth District, J. G. PORTEOUS, M. D., Dutchess County.
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tributes to make these veins varicose, and, if long continued, to develop hsemor-
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disseminating information contained in them among the phy-
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skewers, above which the tubing is ti:.^htly tied. He makes a circular incision
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recurring. For those in afliuent circumstances a residence in a
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it is due to this and but very little to real pain transmission. If this
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those who disputed Harvey's discoveries to recall that
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Ruge {Ibid.) was called to a patient four months pregnant, who suffered
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manifest as radiating leg pain, paresthesias, numbness, or
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nate to that of the structure to which it belongs, and of which it forms
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him to administer the same in gastric ulcers. Of greatest impor-
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head of the sino-auricular node. This rhythm remained after tying the liga-
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On motion of Drs. Howard and Rousseau, the thanks of the
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factory in a few cases. But usually the unpleasant features
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and the encouraging results obtained by vaccination are in favor of
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Personnel, or Jeri Weeks, Recruiting Specialist, at (509)

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