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the production of spinal affections under the influence

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hepatic tenderness or splenic enlargement. My main point in

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on the bridge with it way into the morning. Other women

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which, at the same time that they perforated, served as crotchets; and

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something seemed to give, and patient spat out bloody matter,

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the size of the stem, which will be accomplished in from twenty-four

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become the seat of a warm, hard, and painful swelling. The

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Clinical Professor of Ophthalmology in the Woman's Medical

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Geddes, Winchendon. The report of the treasurer showed the

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especially useful in cases of fetid lochia, and a two

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ascertained, probably owing to the limitations of our

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" Such objects, as well as men, must be at once transferred back

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cases occurring in his practice during 1880 and 1881 ;

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advantageously used consists in quoting cases in which

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compress the arteries and check bleeding. In cattle and

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presented himself with a card of introduction from a Fellow to that

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Alcohol. — The alcohol was given by the stomach, subcutaneously, intra-

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External to the clubs is {(V) an envelope of inflammatory cells, amongst

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open to the roof. The open part has drop canvas curtains for

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blood that I was fearfiil as to the result In all, the ap-

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and suspicious death have been investigated in a satisfac-

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96. Dr. Johnson now proposed to inquire whether these conclusions are in

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In. Diseases whicn actually originate in the air : of these there is only one, influenza ;

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component of the state's emergency medical system and shall continue to serve as the state's

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have never been conclusively demonstrated. To obviate all possi-

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