Diazepam With Your Dinner

in Russia. He leaves his parents, his wife and one small son.

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may be present in both groups. The laboratory tests seemed to pro-

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Head. — There was nothing special to note concerning the

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other country; but he received very little support from the Government^

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introduce the two following cases, selected from the " London

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Austin, J. Harold, and Taylor, Herbert D. Behavior of

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The additional swelling is markedly lowered by the addition of 4

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have been shown to be comparably effective in the treatment

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teresting fact that pneumococci fall into two general classes. The

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wound contracted, until there remained only " an unhealed surface near the

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The more specialised forms of treatment, such as by X-rays and opsonins,

diazepam with your dinner

gave a name of his own choice to what was practically

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and continues four months. It is conducted by men of well known

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400 Andrew William Messer, M.B., CM., Scotswood-on-Tyne,

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led from the hepatized region to those alveoli which contained

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and then spreads over the back, wrists, and forearms. At this time the

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Queen's Hospital for Children, London, on January 7, 19f 5.

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artificial respiration for about a minute. {British Medical Jour-

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not possible to be absolutely certain as to whether the rib is broken or not,

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Lawrence, 1867 ; Sir William Jenner, 1868 ; Sir James

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stomach is fifty years; that three-fourths of the cases occur

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up to the highest processes of feeling or thinking. To me it

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waste quickly, a cough set in, and fine crepitations were heard over

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We copy with pleasure the following abstract from a letter of

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and that obstructions exist in the blood and juices. The

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am of opinion taht the chancellor would not, without a reorgani-

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" 3. Both ligamenta check inward rotation of the tibia.

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not been great, I imagined, from what I read in these works,

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and suggested the frontal sinus as its source, but this

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