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Stalker and Niles. Investigation of bovine tuberculosis with
without any such apology, with only loose notions of right and wrong,
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between the one-two-thousandth and the one-three-thousandth part
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force needed for work." AVith this admission, as it appears to us,
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specific cause of an infectious disease we look for some spe-
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of Texas fever and of the cattle tick as the common means of its
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condition is that of intense weakness, great emaciation, with
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of the larynx and pharynx is swollen and covered with ulcers.
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At first sight the muscle tissue in some cases seems to be
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the intestinal mucosa to which they are attached. They may
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no superior. Besides mere digestive properties. Pepsin
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is, therefore, still more worthy of the extensive patronage enjoyed by the
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M. Guillot remarks, that a disease beginning in the last stages of gesta-
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A powerful auxiliary in the treatment of catarrhs, whooping cough, influenza, diph-
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that in my opinion most nearly meets these cover the granulating area with epithelial
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course,, to the half drop doses.. The latter are spoken of by me,
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being greater when the latter was least abundant. On examina-
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fulness, but it requires an assistant to hold to remain in bed until I told her to get out,
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nearest to, and are in more direct communication with the liver,
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special reference to its existence in Iowa. Bui. 29. Iowa. 1S95.
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which are not dependent on haemorrhage; the cases are essentially
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The chemical combination of an insoluble organic acid with a
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but they elaborate better, and the organic From these researches we may conclude
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easily until its beak had nearly reached the bladder, then it en-
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2. Poles Die Mikrokokken der Druse des Pferdes. fort. der.
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\ ?.' . . ^. . - ■' -' rrpHRps thp dptpnsivfi nowftr or the ororan.
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One of the writers has been repeatedly of which is the infected tube, and unless
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has been accustomed to continue the use of small doses for
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purulent cavities and sinuses are formed in which the yellow
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were universally resorted to, we are of the opinion that bad and
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relations, may accompany or follow valvular disease :— -
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silver in a proportionate strength, varying from five to twelve
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is to be made over the most prominent part of the tumour, and
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sitely painful and troublesome affection — that by slitting tlie
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cated is quite characteristic ; it consists of signs of prolifera-
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of arsenic equivalent to 10 centigrams of This dose may, however, be doubled ac-
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scrofulous and the rickety forms of disease, and, beyond all,

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