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Dr. Salisbury — Dear Sir: In compliance with your request, I make

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discharging of large quantities of urine, tliey were now dis-

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tioned could all be classed together, and he preferred the name

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the vapor from the feet to the neck. The action of the skin and kidneys should still

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no cause could be found to account for its presence ; it was in a young man,

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ence in the morbid tissue appearances of the several stages ; and a similar

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shorter duration than the above, while many of the very severe

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Turning to the fermentation reactions exhibited by the organisms

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order ; sleeplessness, delirium, mania, exhaustion, death.

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ble result. The patient was then suddenly seized with a violent pain in

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happy if — and what an if that is ! — if they could each

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prepare her a lunch before retiring. Yet if the cook is not up at daylight to pre-

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earlier, before the stage of possible collapse arrived,

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at a carver and gilder's, was admitted into the Middlesex Hospital, under my care, on April

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order to introduce the seton ; and he thinks that Dr. Mott was misled in this

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a tendency to cause a nonspecific fixation independent of any true anticomple-

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from the gray substance into the posterior septum. This

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the rectum. Our duty is in all hopeless eases to palliate and make

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general phenomena have been noted as occur after inocu-

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not contain within itself the power to progress and evolve

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ordinary belonging to any complaint, the disease affecting, in its

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fistula was very much swollen and red, protruding through

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In this retrospective mood, with a mental picture of our worthy predecessor before us. we can well afford

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abnormal conditions is not only a danger to the ear of your

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both in strychnia poisoning, and in tetanus from a wound.

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cases the bones unite in the course of a few weeks, the time in which

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paralysis following, and since then the pain was more severe

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pedal articulation. Neurotomy, if there be a good foot, might

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distichiasis miatt operilt esetek. [Cases of operations on

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mented liquors. In persons of such habits, I would always avoid

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acid, mawkish, evil-smelling material. The latter is

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qualifications for literary research are often urged

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population of the North-western Provinces of the Punj&b has been esti-

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who wrote at least five hundred years B. C, has something

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Another " Faith-Cure " Fatality. — The coroner at Dayton, O., has

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