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as not to limit its freedom or hamper its originality, it was decided to or-

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the temperature is moderate, but as it is liable to considerable oscillation, the greatest

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*DOBLE, Ernest E., Ipswich — 1881. M. D. (Harv.) 1882.

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•6698 Borchers, W. Electric smelting and refining. Trans.

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and Alabama, and Neal (1887) and Bitting (1891) in Florida, The latter

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of portion of the jejunum. The marked feature was the

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that structure, then the blades can be correspondingly carried for-

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Temperance Hospital is able to supply still greater

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Dubois postoffice was reached. This is the last outpost

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two feet and part of the head, and when the cow makes an

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I may remai'k that the Surgeon Genera], in acknowledging

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times hinders the doctor in his work; more frequently all his

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ulnar on the inner side, and the median in the middle; opposite the

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be endangered by delay; but the bladder must be punctured.*

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said that he fully appreciated the value of Dr. Ful-

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Sir JOHN BATTY TUKE, M.D., Hon. D.Sc.Dub., F.R.C.P.Ed.,

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alongside failed to give evidence of the slightest scratch.

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A lack of appreciation of his scientific attainments,

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the fungoid granulations, and then injected the joint with iodoform,

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popularity. The definitions and descriptions in the

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Denmark and the United States. The Anglo-Germanic race has fur-

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it may be said, nature always supplies a vacuum. Whenever

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neck of the womb was two inches long, no larger than a goose-quill,

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Material of which Ligatures are made. — Animal fibre, such as sinew

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the neurotic concomitants of the menopause in women, and find that these

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