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* Nitrate of Potassa. — In a case of synovial rheumatism this remedy was

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disturb him, a piece of mosquito netting thrown over the crib will pro-

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— Carteri, kochi, novyi, duttoni, berbera, aegyptica, gallinarum, anserina, theileri,

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whole of the visual field appears full of light. The same sensa-

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Legislation of the American Medical Association, he appeared

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pared with the left, where the attachment of the colon is much firmer. —

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In reference to the literature of insanity, the writer would

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bloodvessels in the villi were distinctly visible. The tumour was

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hours, has followed the operation in a few cases, but the

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retinitis Brightica, and, upon further investigation, discovered albumen in her

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treatment entirely to the destruction of the dead tissue base by

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cient food, impure water, children in the midst of want,

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the peritoneal cavity filled with pus. Without a single excep-

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foreign bodies are introduced antiseptically, they were

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Professor White said it was quite common to find nega-

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the baths but it may be seen in patients who have had alcohol sponges only,

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The skilful obstetrician wields a ready pen on every page. The book

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ployment. Its chief value is, [ think, to be found in its adaptation to military

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is almost entirely confined to " hand-fed" children. " The only

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establishing a large communication between the sinus and the

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Healer.^^ He was also commonly called the Physician,^^ and be-

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This also gives rise to at least nine-tenths of the

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had been some delay in the completion of his quarters, and the res-

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Because they have greater store of nourishment in man,

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3. Robertson, T. B.: Jour. Biol. Chem., 1915, 22, 233.


o'clock, just as I had got through with my round of visits at the Hospital

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disuse, there are no fibrillar contractions, the electrical reactions are

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the disease. The surgeon judged it necessary to make an open-

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Chemical Composition. — The amount of food digested is

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community, of half-drachm doses of dilute sulphuric acid, as the most generally

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of the sutures it is necessary to exercise caution that the

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community, with a view to drawing up a constructive health programme.

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51. Jacob: "Les Oreillons an point de vue 6piil6niioIogiqne et clinique; un cas

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