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water, which suffices also for the laundry, baths and

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1 Internal Hemorrhages, and Morbid Secretions as the

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to completely ignore the outcries of the patient and to work with

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with disease, especially during the heated term, must be hailed as

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patient had partially reacted. By 10 o'clock p. m. reaction was complete.

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slight rocking motion of the handles to be made, and that motion

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foot-stalk, and the direction of the branch it grows from, falls into some indefinite

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devote his attention to the patient, whether it is a trained nurse

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speech. I contend, therefore, that the preservation of ability to write in

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extolled, and very generally put into practice in all phthisical

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barbarism, through scenes of tyranny, of oppression, and

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26 and April 15 and who by reason of their lack of training were prob-

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action produced by progressively increasing bodily effort. A

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difficult to answer a priori reasoning like this, except by urging that howso-

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tion of ovariotomy is itself a striking example, and there can be no

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In other cases a catheter may, after some days, or even some hours only, in

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President. The commissioned officera are usually selected

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to think out all its consequences, and then take each of these and

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survive. Inflammatory processes are localised, and so large disfiguring

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Medical Center at Ritz-Carlton Resort Hotel, San Francisco. Mon-Fri. 27

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his keeping! How the husband, with compressed lips and con-

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syphilis the delicate infant's body gets infected by inoculable

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277. Sweet Potatoes (Fried) — Ingredients — Lard or dripping.

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upon the organic or albuminous substance of which it is composed;

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from the scent. This was done for three or four dajs,

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more specific cellular poisons. Instances are rapidly increasing in which

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The precipitation of the inorganic constituents of the

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mind, and which may take much patient, persistent work to

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On May 4, the lumps nad entirely disappeared except on

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