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is Surgeon W. I. Simon, who is in a most precarious
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cal laboratory, ordinary oxidizing agents attack the fatty-acid chain at the
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house." But it was their own, and had no mortgage on it, as
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move pain in the head ; and is much better than what is
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advanced above. Coincidence does not imply causality. Who
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Kheumatism of the heart is first mentioned in 1814 by Russell,
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Mitral and Aortic— TA 12 (Matthew 165, P.M. 260), acute endocarditis (rheu-
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not, however, sufiiciently suspect the pernicious agency of small
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been wholly fed at the breast. She recollects that she was
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addition. \Ye are confident that the present work will
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Fractures of the base of the skull involve most frequently the
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index-finger of the right hand which become fatigued. The left
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can easily stagnate " (Edesj.^ Gowers quotes a case of
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sections have furnished but little light on the morbid condition of
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Commissioner for Madras, to all Government Medical Officers
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tem der Hautkrankheiten," gives the following list of
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fiuds that fully thirty per cent, of the men over thirty
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And Dr. Nash was recommended to the President and Fellows of
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contained a small percentage of iodine, was only about half as active
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The higher the temperature the quicker were the organisms killed, but
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of good sanitary qualit}^, but in periods of high turbidity, especially
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A further astonishing disclosure shows that there were more plants
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MSNJ, was prepared by James E. George, M.D., J.D., and A.
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ing officers were elected: President. Frank Abbott.
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American Medical Association, and not a trace of the aneurism
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withstanding the conspicuous ability and character of many
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was looking pale and weak ; the whole arm was in an ery-
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Water Farcey is another skin disease that appears under
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arteriogram shows extravasation of contrast material, right
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furnished with the means of counteracting influences on such a state

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