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The meteorological record for the week ending December 17,

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2 ; while in 13 cases of lesion of the parieto-temporal region, in 10 of which

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a brother of Asa Daniels. Before his arrival in St. Peter in 1860, he had been

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us that this oil has the property of decomposing in the presence of water


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the inilammatio'n, and thoroughly draining the abdominal cavity with

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physicians to carry out basic tuberculosis control,

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surface. The local application of iodine certainly seems to effect more good

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W. D. Young, K. Durham; I^ M. Davis, Iron Duff; L. Hughes Browne (col.

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a senior advisor at the Department of Health and Human Ser-

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violent delirium or protracted sleeplessness, we are justified in

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Habitat and range. — This is a garden plant introduced from Europe and now

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And it is very probable that some constituent of Bile, re-ab-

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i/ri">i<.' was normal. There was no f^aralvsis. Tlic sensihUttv of the

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for cystin in a large collection such as that belonging to McGill Uni-

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moved with dressing forceps ; it was the remainder of

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attached to the extremities of the rope furnished a ready means of fastening it,

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late International Health Congress by the Danish Government, it


color, and sp. gr. 5. If heated, the fumes of arsenic, or

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of work which the N.W.A. has been able to accomplish and anyone who

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were filled with miliary tubercles, and the thoracic lymphatic

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The most common morbid condition is pigmentation, and in adults this

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but sparely nourished man, weighing about 180 pounds. He was

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Before concluding the subject of the scrotal infection in the rabbit,

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quite sure he, with any appliances he had, could not imitate; since

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