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Among the desirable features more or less well met by various
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with slight preliminary softening. The compound is sparingly soluble
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the reasons why in other cases, however, they wander directly
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from a bad fall, a six-year-old mare had a swelling at the poll
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conditions, if, indeed, they were capable of differentiation.
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as a professor's strongest adherent inight in a few moments become
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or protected side of a limb. The circulation of the blood in the
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In very wet seasons percolation as well as evaporation
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still his main contention, that normal and al)normal histogenesis
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nodulated feeling. I advised excision, which was not done, as
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all these processes in combination. It is not only certain ingredienla
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I have noted that it is with hesitation that I speak of the
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populations go far afield in search of water. Moorland waters, in the late
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that patients should be drilled so as to spend as much
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Case 2. — Miss G , aged twenty-one, a school-teacher in
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and these are the ones which, as a rule, produce the most striking
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requirement, but the author thinks charcoal or cal-
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is generally more readily accomplished by wrapping the burned
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counts for the exhalation of the carbonic acid, bv the action of
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when he left my care, with the advice to be more moderate in all
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afternoon a week, is run by a dermatologist — in India,
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wall of the cavity of the chest, but is covered by the
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last been granted by the Minnesota Board of Health.
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The treatment must be applied at once, viz : replace the blad-
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clude this paper, already longer than I had intended. First,
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Medical Journal." The report of delegates to the other Branches was
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though considerable cough and a profuse purulent ex-
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Differences in the Nervous Organisation of Philadelphia.
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speech therapy; medical social services; home health aide and
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front of the mental foramen, and are usually compound, opening into
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practitioners, and among others by Dr. Stone of New Orleans. That
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to those adopted in the cure of acute cases. The patient
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