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the hip, as when the hock-joint moves but partially, and not

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due in any way to previous antisyphilitic treatment,

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who are badly dressed ; in other words, nobody denies that mere dress is

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may contribute to the formation of judgments concerning such diag-

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Symptomatology: — The severity of the symptoms de-

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tric is the antagonist and controller of the sympathetic

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hours, and, in one instance, over two days, during the whole of which period, there

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" Drs. McLean and Duncan, Fergus Falls, Minn. : " Maggots from

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cases of spontaneous phlegmasia, and a varicose condition of the

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and other internal organs in a satisfactory manner. The liver,

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forward is given to the fundus, a slight agency constantly acting will

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court of King Henry I, following a vision of St. Bartholomew during a pil-

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wormwood : make together a salve and sacrifice ..."

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means (he swelling is reduced. If, however, the house-

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ms. in Coll. Physicians Phila., Biographical sketches

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required reorganization of our public health services were presented on

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tenderness of the abdomen ; the pain remained four days, when

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Semeiology. - In the dog, about the first thing you will notice is a

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that, at each side, there are additional sockets for the reception of the

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ever left home : and at the date of her giving up suckling her infant,

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guished by their mobility, the absence of pain or tenderness on pressure,

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while it is the active hydrogen group which decolourizes

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mal Tissues and Fluids. Dr. John W. Green, New York. No

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]^ Tranii. Path. Soc. Londm, 1862-63, vol. xiv. p. 87.

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of the greatest interest. In both there are constipation, pain in the

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ing a strictured portion of the urethra to its normal

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left on record the history of a man who, struck down

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extent of eighteen ounces, with the effect, apparently,

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urine. The absence of these findings, however, does not rule

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his hydrogen peroxide. I have found his preparation facile

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risks largely upon these facts. How surpassingly strange, with these

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seconds then take another swallow ; in this way it will be

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