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further discuss the intestinal origin of pulmonary tuberculosis, for

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stock, and not in poor cross-bred animals, which it would

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for all diseases, and that my gross averages for all diseases are

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Pic. i6a.~Iiitr<iduction of Metallic Catheter. Secand step.

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four days after operation. Omentum adherent to inner surface of

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uncomfortable feeling along the line of the colon is a frequent

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at an average, or it may be even five or six, in order to obtain anklyosis

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tion of septic material into the peritoneum the results are

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to all who have treated a suppurating wound. From the earliest times it was

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ii • ■, ..-I . .-I t ... , Vesicle at a in ovum of seven

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hair pencil, the following mixture : Nitrate of silver,

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deliver variable doses of insulin from the pump-driven

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patient in a more favorable condition proceeded at once to. restore

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ous menace to horse and man. Blackleg and its prevention.

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this was finally accomplished with the aid of the crotchet; the hand

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animals that cough from the others ; this would diminish

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Goldstein '03) and Reveley and Simpson ('09) in the guinea-pig.

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even in that event, we prefer to make a preliminary left inguinal

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immunity substances from the mother (passive immunity). There is no

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tracheotomy the better. He would also call attention to the

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cerebro-spinal system of nerves. These diseases may consist of inflam-

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take competent medical advice, if trouble, anxiety, or over-

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crowded population, and find more force for its origin, it does not require large

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Salerno became the first of the universities in the

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dollar per hour. You can readily see that there can

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flower appears or after the seeds have ripened. It should be dried either in its

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experience, but thought it fair to assume such to be

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June 30, 1895 (No. 1321); Laramie, June 16, 1894 (No. 247).

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The container, whether bottle or syringe, should be of clear white

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