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meae : Tumque in ultimo loco extorquebofpongiam ejus, efficieodo,
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excisions for cancer of the tongue should never be practised.
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been in operation for over twenty years. The special classes
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when well diluted is bland, soothing to the stomach, and a mild diuretic. It
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2. The strength of the radiations was the same in all cases.
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Fattic. J. B.. Assistant Surgeon. — Ordered to examination for
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" tendency, " which is sometimes mistaken for heredity, or
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fess, for the insane are notably bad at describing symptoms,
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of the loss of a portion of the neck, was perfectly sound."
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the governor, the rules and regulations necessary to carry out the purposes of
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in the State, insanity is particularly rife among them. 11
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immense size of a child's face. After lookin<^ over the child, I
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should be anointed with warm hog's lard, which is preferable to olive
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rules most strictly, but not being able to exercise as
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Statistical methods used in articles should be identified.
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lower lobes or fiber masses are still present on each side of the
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Division of cells and nuclei takes place. The corium is raised in the
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seemed to be an improvement in the condition, but, on May 25, the
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call itself a school for nurses. No hospital has any moral right to
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direction of general, broad-minded usefulness in all
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until transparent. Add a few drops of sodium hydrate
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and varies in duration from a few days or weeks to many months. It is
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End of the Road," in Massey Hall, Toronto, from March 29th, to
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writes that at present there is great destitution among the inhabi-
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This communication outlines Dr. William P. Murphy's and my
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among patients. As an illustration I would refer to a
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stomach note, transversely from one inch to the right of the
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turbance of the liver, usually, but not necessarily attended with severe
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2, acute appendicitis; 3, inflamed appendix containing large and small fecolith; 4,
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chlorotic girls, and accompanies some forms of hysteria.
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body; (8) menstruation; (9) very sharp instruments ; (10) acute
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derangement of the digestive organs, purge on the slightest

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