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anywhere in the world. Copyright infringement liabili^ can be quite severe.
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be a question of tuberculosis, alcoholism, mental disorder, nervous-
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into practice. It has been performed but twice in this
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have also been found to apply to the visceral nerves ; although,
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the point of attack is discovered in an old aortitis, interstitial glossitis,
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tracted muscle should be sparked sufficiently to effect relaxation of
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7. Weston, P. G.: Jour. Med. Research, 1917, 35, 367.
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paleness; dark circles around the eyes; pain in the back and loins ;
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bulb of a syringe, when squeezing it. Quick and inter-
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M.D. 1956, University of Chicago Pritzker School of
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establishing a large communication between the sinus and the
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was pale and evinced a poor capillary circulation. About once a
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FOLSOM, Norton, 19 Berkeley St., Cambridge (Tele. Boston
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OB-GYM with a practice in Pennsville, is another one of the 9,500
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of medication. The chest should neither be weighed down with plasters or
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cance although in rare instances it may give difficulty in diagnosis at the
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Blood : The platelets were always diminished ; 35,000 on one occasion,
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tion. When the second kidney is involved after long
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would notice that although the cancer cells might be em-
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on in the shape of centrifugal currents of real nerve
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etc., might have been responsible for the glycosuria, Herter said that he "used only
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exceeded by at least fifty per cent, any results he
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hygienic measures which have as their object the keeping of the
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in a few words : it can be said that, in a given case, if the culture medium is
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similar principles. Tracts of aquatic districts, exj)Osed to the
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essential part of this mystery concerned the interpre-
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thalmology. — This Congress will meet at Utrecht,
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of material. As is well known, Paul Bourcet (Compt. rend. Acad. d. sc, Par. 1899,
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decoction of senega with thirty minims of anisated spirit of ammonia ; ' further-
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fect as human ingenuity can make them! Two lovers laugh
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JDomuiie Correepondina Secretary, Samuel T. Hubbard, M.D.
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above all the causation of the disease by the introduction of a micro-
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In connection with enucleation of the tonsils by the usual

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