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one?" and he answers this question by saying, "It is
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to do a cholecystectomy; but when this is not advisable we can
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rind. He had the usual history of a foreign body in the trachea, the
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of summaries that the abstracts are not mere detached para-
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Erysipelas may be carried from one wound to another on the
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Fuchs, E., text-book of ophthalnidlogy, 397; Fullrrton, A. -M., hand-
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not think they accomplish much. Fifth, paracentesis of the drum
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cattle purchased for fattening, in which there is no hurry.
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arise from pressure on the brain, or as a reflex action from
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The hair is shaved from the flank a little below the angle
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japanned they are light elegant ornaments, quite water-
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evidence of growth. As will be noted below, these organisms attack
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Two months after the closure of the wound the right half of the chest
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also stated that " physicians and students of medicine through-
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tuberculosis, the tuberculosis, however, not being nearly 8(»
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University Hospital. B.A. 1977, Cornell University; M.D.
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its mark in a state of weakened vitahty, and often leads to a condition of
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Instead, the dura, tense and darkened, bulges toward the orifice.
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Morley. Frank Ellsworth, graduate of Rush Medical College, 1893.
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should be put to the breast every two hours during the day, and
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The Commission has now made an interim report on this
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volition ; the patient remaining rigid during the attack, and in the
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milk alone such is surely impossible in the coui*se of the digestive
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889). This was, of course, the practical side of the subject, but I had
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physician's direction, by exposure to sulphur fumes
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remain where they were operated upon for one month. The
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January, 1858, aged 24; occupation, railroad baggage master. Cough
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stances to the esophagus and stomach, producing general constitu-
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tension, often dicrotic and rarely less than 100 and often 180. The respirations
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after secretion, Kaufmann holds that the lining of the stomach
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where ere such an event happens; and who cannot see, in
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of disease was reported pri<Mr to the evening of the fifth day after arrivii^
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caring for the helpless sick, which marks the present

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