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one high pitched and the other of a dull character. The former element
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charcoal, in sufficient proportions to form a semi-sohd paste. When applied to the chancre
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into their brains, that will make them shine in life ; but the
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blood, since the introduction of this salt into the circulation of
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steel point into the bone, to act as a lever to turn out
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employed. And in all of these cases some important change
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false capsule sudi as renders the enucleation of the diseased tissue
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as a reviewer is not expected to criticise the facts contained
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the drug has to be injected hypodermically and is thus placed
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thus remove a portion of the tonsil. In this way, by
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attempt to save the limb I should remove all loose spicula
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trouble in his left foot and a doctor removed the nail of the big toe,
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to the seventh hour without food ingestion during the period of
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I have found the best results are obtained if the patient is kept
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Pohlmann did not find herpes in any of his fatal cases. Among the
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will disappear from the hands in a few days if red ash bark is
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life the urine was collected on twenty-five days; minimum, 700 cc, maximum,
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capillary blood sup)ply, vjhcreby there results an excessive and. patho-
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something to do with displacement, caused by the morbid deposit in
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little el-e than » nominal connection with these associations. All tie ' llicicn-
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possess, the term " nervous," when applied to the tempera-
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tendency to relapse and its rebelliousness to treatment. It takes the form,
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Dr. "NVm. J. AValker, of Boston, the credit of tirst putting into practice, and he
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averted it from their own persons by a timely vaccination, and all eseap< <!.
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embraces in its domain the mouth of the ureter— a not infre-
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hyperplastic or hypertrophic condition. In polypi in the
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rather than a thesis. The field for research is a broad one. The limited time,
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and varies in duration from a few days or weeks to many months. It is

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