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Report aeeepled, ami they were accordingly appointed.
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I Friedman GD. Seltzer CC. Siegelaub AB. Feldman R. Collen MF: Smoking
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able to take a little without apparent detriment, they are
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group there were four cases, and in the second three. The
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the periods since inoculation were longest, and those
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gotten and not used in national emergencies for which they seemed
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little understood, no class of diseases which have been so badly
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moscles of the foot, and the muscles of the hand. Lead palsy ia
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of a child had taken place a few moments before death. It would be
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of local joint infection and the other of toxic arthritis arising from
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from the pain. The respiratory system is not usually damaged. The urine
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the more important is it, therefore, that in all places,
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This is hardly the place perhaps to enter upon the considera-
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conditions under which it was present. The case was as follows: A
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on 25 days at Manor Mill Lodge. Duudrum, Co. Dublin. The
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there is the prolonged drainage to consider and the fact that one
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through deeds of valor following the coup d'etat which overthrew
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from twelve to twenty-four hours. When we once undertake
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pensive treatment with little or no benefit, could have been
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in the number of this Journal for July, 1865, pp. 55-58.
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December 12 a fall in urine volume accompanying the hyperglycemia
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if there is a nick in the aponeurosis we get a bulging
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mals after their nativity, as in the production of the
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She had no recollection of any event, unless it had com^ under
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month of October. Several inhabitants of long residence
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condition accompanied by vomiting and lumbar pains exasperated
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(i) In the smaller hospitals the senior noncommissioned officer, under the
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described elsewhere in this volume. "When temperature conditions have

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