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again higher than that of the axilla. Of these three the mouth tempera-

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gether are necessary is at present doubtful, but he believes that

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the control tube 0.5 c.c. of complement, sufficient to give complement

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ment of malaria, F:ickley, G. A., 16; the use of acetanilid in

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putated the limb, and the operation being performed while it was in a state of

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The temperature is moderately raised, 100 to 102 F., and often higher in

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membrane, and thus leads to hypertrophy of its structure.

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they lose flesh and strength ; dropsy often supervenes ; the urine

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Family and personal history good ; no history of syphilis, nor of

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have an etiological relation to the disease in question.

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with arsenic were of no value in diagnosing it from that affection.

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the teaching of the books, laid down a definite line of action on a

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the mechanical effects of right-sided pleural effusion as they

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well, except that progress is slow. I think, in this

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half a dozen doctors, however eminent, to say that a remedy in

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one-eighth the diameter of a corpuscle. The periphery of the

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the power of expelling from its membership any one who commits

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to comparatively mild burns ; and the case of Dr. Baxter's,

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the cerebral cortex in which portion of the brain it is more gen-

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scopical and Chemical Aids to Diagnosis," dwelling on the importance

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phthisical cavities. Grows in tetrads enclosed in gelatinous capsules.

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ing through the same process of decomposition, which marks the end of the

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involvement of the mucous membrane, and the statements made can

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quantity it was continued until there was pufling of

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that one thing if for nothing else, for from the decline

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in this book, but they are not sufficiently numerous to detract seriously

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E. Zaufal,' according to the reporter of Sommer's case above,

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clothes or you will have fever, and put off till to-mor-

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