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a complete arrest becomes more easy within the vessels of the

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be eliminated from the chest by postural drainage and forced

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in the peaceful arts, comrades in war, and affectionately thirled one to

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been well summed up by Kuttner 2 as inaccuracies due to variations in

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joints in any ordinary case of fractured shaft of the tibia or

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tempts to produce abortion, with intent to destroy such

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relief suggests itself, — just this once, this one draught of brandy or ether,

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teratoma were on five occasions excised under gas and oxygen. On

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in the duodenum; this liquid is called the bile. In the

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ence, and mcrois the oentro of the sole 1 1 1 inches. There is

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tion also, and hygiene for the million, were dealt with by means

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Note specially the jeference to ivatthikavtma which is a Pali

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given fifty or one hundred years before that. ''Unknown to the patient

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it down upon the tongue. The left cheek is much swol-

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upon them, they have nothing to. turn to but medicinal tonics to im-

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Eegarding the duration of the supply from these wells, it is coupon code

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Records", by Leonard Rogers, M.D., Calcutta, reprinted from the Indian Medical

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itidem fuo more pertracftans , honeftam de mea Harmonia famam

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But each of ns should learn to apply the lines of the immortal

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saving of trouble and disappointment — heart-breaking disap-

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The nervous element above referred to, coupled v^ath a certain amount of curiosity, produced many opium

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panniers will be a hone and strap for sharpening the edges of his

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eyes sunken, the prostration extreme, and progression impossible,

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medical treatment of their hogs against all types of vermicular infestation. It was

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that few medical men have the courage to let patients alone who are

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Three varieties may be recognised — (1) Where the separation

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even proved fatal. While trying to get the patient quiet and

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fectly hollow. All the little divisions and offshoots of bone which

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elapsed before the farmer found that he had undertaken a

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“Many enlightened scholars have expressed doubt as

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supply a desideratum so important, will deserve well of his country. E. G.

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