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public councils. Suffice it to say, that the late Surgeoii General, in a
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Scotland, but there was no serious epidemic. In 1644, it again appeared
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73 electrophysiologic procedures, there were 10 episodes of j
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But the whimsy of the name did not detract from the
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things dignified with French names, and well wet down with cham-
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nerves are affected in severe cases. At an}' rate, if
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is now becoming" every day more useful to the patient, who can already make con-
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of disgrace inflicts upon a young woman who takes to her embrace a
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used for garrison ambulance service or the ambulance company may
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23- 196 (the record was not complete); for 1894 it was
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detect as many of the weakly positive cases as possible, have adopted
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in a wide-mouthed jar of the capacity of a quart; the vapor of it was
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but this is uncommon. As a rule there are j^remonitory symptoms, "and the
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in the one case and diphtheria in the other have been brought
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1. Abt., v. 37 (7-10), 21. Oct., Referate, pp. 246-247. [W a , W m .]
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analogous to the albumin, fibrin, or casein of animals; the common gluten and the ve^table
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the potato is subject. The one most to be feared by
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Pathology. — Suppurative irido-choroiditis is attended with suppurative
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ifta tanti momenti, ut non fperare liceat^ ulteriori fcru-
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University, where education in the liberal arts and sciences is
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had been in a perishing condition for six months. The
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Statistics of Diseases found amono Animals slaughtered at
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and composed of altered blood and pus ; the strength,
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pass quicker. And we've bought a new flag to wave at you. So don't
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the end, cheaper measures can be availed of to obviate all
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menstruation. I do not say that painful menstruation is
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namely, first, that puerperal women are liable, under certain
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nia, "Pleuritis" to our inflammation of the pleura. On the con-
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tion is erect. There are also fetid belching, heartburn, eructa-
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not only give the author's viewpoint but often make critical
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elicited, but who appeared to have been gradually growing more and more

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