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but are rather puzzled. C. is willing to give up the case to D , but D. is

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lisions of the kind mentioned have occurred before the bul-

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*hese lu.i deaths from " fever," 102 were certilied as enteric fever, and :: as

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into an epidemic. Still, judging from a complaint of a correspondent,

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tuberculous, and 31.0 per cent, mixed eases of leprosy, and that

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was marked pallor of the face, but not mufh anicmia nf the

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grants in aid of such research. Applications for sums to be

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Hakkness, Thomas, M.B, CM. Edin , appointed Medical Officer for the

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the mistoid process is more filled up. Tne jaw itself is

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be applied in ca-es of infectious diseases, remarked that " members of

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mingham ; F. Antliouy, Biistol Medical School ; R. E. W. Jeuniugs.

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periods cannot be left out of account. In rare cases the

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morbid anatomy of one particular disease, with "diagnosis"

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(2> It is quite open to the medical officer of health to say that in his

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Case i.— On November 17th, 1888, I was called to visit Mrs.

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epecimeu was possibly an early stage of the black variety, and

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in which the abstract and the practical are united in one

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Oiitu'nrkcrs and Medical Office '■s.— vir. E. H, Batley ashed the Home

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cholera in many parts of the Continent, and in particular to the condi-

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Scientific Institutes at Brussels.— The municipal autho-

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for recreation and change of scene is necessary for all work-

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attributed her condition to two boils whii'h had formed on

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other organs, the question of the absorption of inorganic iron

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everything else severely alone. The life of a doctor was to

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of criminal investigation is superior to the English, while at

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solicitor will submit a report on the whole subject. A report

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E. A. S Caivston. Guv's Hospital; II J. Chater. St vjarv's Huspital;

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self, and could not, of course, pledge his Council to that


which the case of the working-men governors ou the buard oi the General

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Moreover, the papular stage is very transient, giving rise in a

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sented, to sho^v the members of the Branch over the Cathedral. At the

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Mk. Humhphey John Bhoomfield has been elected a mem-

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these instruments carried in a separate compartment under-

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the conjunctival sac ? This subsequently appeared to be the

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pebral conjiinctivpe, which is so often associated with small

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people will regret the abolition of their middle class car-

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