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tiva dc-lla eresipela. Ga/z. med. di Koina, 1891. xvii. 49-

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as to the merits or demerits of each operation, the author has

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may be embarrassed by the pericardial adhesions. Friedreich's sign,

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I think Dr. Parkas remarks here confirm my assertion regarding

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and regulations as are necessary to be observed by vessels

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and there is consequently little doubt that they also are referrible to the

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first time in 1693, and that its earliest appearance as an epizootic

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connected in some way with horses. Three patients are farmers,

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The immediate cause of the last illness of Abbott Lawrence, the financier and the

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substitute for a more expensive article of food ; it would

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(Edematous. Although this small nodule was cut out, which

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disease) is characterized by h^'perplasia of the parenchymatous

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proved and ably taught their validity, against much oppo-

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the beginning of an educational campaign in that line. As Dr. Hicks

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appears as two tubes of epithelium arising scopy has shown a flattened trachea. Vascular

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The principal causes of albuminuria are: (1) Those associated with definite

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case of facial erysipelas when called on March 4th to

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obnoxious to its influence, has already tended greatly to weaken

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of the liver, has been attril)uted by some to overgrowth of the fibrous

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valve and that even aortic insufficiency may also exist

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tion appeared in the pectoral region, which in a few minutes attained consider-

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Perhaps the statement might be reversed, and better put that as we are

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One very flexible whalebone probe for tortuous sinuses.

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pected, the patient supposing her symptoms merely an

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The stomach is comparatively rarely attacked by infective processes,

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was 624 c.c. at the beginning and 2,595 c.c. at the end. The average

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stimulation. With mature nonunions, radionuclide scans can

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101-104.— Murray (R. W.) The treatment of club-foot.

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ant symptoms, such as a tumor-like sensation over the

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known as crib-biting or wind-sucking. Some writers refer to this habit

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rect, without the slightest hemorrhage and the patient made a

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political insanity, 98; politics and public health, 401; politics and

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