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The rapid and desultory manner of travelling I have

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He maintained that sexual potency is rather increased by it than other-

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Hygiene. — Thanks to the victorious microbe, it looks as if we should

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cause their prevailing frame of mind has made them so.

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mortality rate in 1918 was three and two-third times that of the Novem-

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Grand Forks, on January 12, 1904. The following veterinary

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ness altogether for a dme and to take a vacation with me.

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of the Profession, and to ^ve advice on Mental Disorders and Medloo-

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If a man could mount to heaven and survey the mighty universe, his admiration of its beauties would be much

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opening was smaller, and seemed as if cut by a punch.

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ical attendant." [Thomson taught this more than forty years ago, and

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his next edition, for there are elements <>l BU<

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63(41)8.5 Elgin or Moray, including part of Strathspey in the

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able by so doing, when every other palliative had failed.

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tissue occupies the centre of the lobiiles, which on microscopic examina-

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'' From encephalitis it is at once distinguished by the absence of symptoms

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ance froni the (iovernment should be etpmlly favored

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ence it was deemed desirable to secure and retain, for the promotion

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by the growth of the microorganism. The result of the examination in our

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and wells for drinking-water, within one or two rods of one

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constitution of the victim holds out so long, without his being aware

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But a loofenefs is rather an advantage to children.

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of the foetus into the peritoneal cavity may occur without

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hernia could be felt, and the putfiness in the ingui-

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