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occurred 6 times, 4 being fatal (66 per cent.). Among 127 pneumonia
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The rheumatic articular inflammations were not established until after he had
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lation and oversight, and the disinfection of the infected
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the brain and medulla oblongata of the infected animals.
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done. Moreover, there is a problem to be solved, which is
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Investigation of the watery stools shows them to be almost entirely
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brain was firm and perfectly healthy. The i divided transversely. By compressing the
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stands the nature and importance of digestion.* The recent researches of Bidder and
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Pennsylvania Hospital; Pathologist, Chester County Hos-
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best course would now be to excise the whole scar and aim only at relief
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is associated with disappearance of its reflex. Whenever a
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And now the time has come when we shall leave our friends and dear Alma Mater, to go forth into the
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under some compulsion of circumstances of which pre-
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tered the orbit to the finest branches as far as they could be traced with the
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the lobar type. The average duration of the fever was eleven
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over three years after the last operation. The author
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save life — the effects of "chill" are seldom experienced. This
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With regard to nitrate of silver, which is so often used for cauterising
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cured, having put the feet into warm water, to open
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the paratyphoid and serologically to the hog-cholera group, but with
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hemorrhage. Everything appears to point to typhoid, particularly the
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quite firm adhesions have formed between the approximated
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well, sun-beam neighbor, is as good a name as any. She was over
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The gas, fresh and pure, is passed through a jar containing a fluid ex-
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True ffummy tumors of the kidney, such as often occur in the
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has or can appeal to comparable to the maternal instinct. With no
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eat into the skin and may leave scars that will remain permanently.
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after each interview with me she appeared convinced that her

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