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practice may be obtained of the *' Board of Medical Examiners " affcer

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related bruise or blood c St There aJf.I^«^ «Jich appears later. These must 'be no

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medical student ; or, secondly, the examination of the Pharmaceutical

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legs, etc. The more the patient knows about actual diseases by experience or

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Bedfobdshibb. — General Infrrma/ry, — Pupils of medical men

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At Magdalen the Examination is usually hdd at the end of eadi term and

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attacks the convulsive stage seldom lasts longer than a few minutes), the

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MaJtricfuUded students are those who receive their entire medical

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consider all the attendant symptoms. The differential diagnosis between dia-

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latter half of the first year (Escherich). Poor general hygienic conditions

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Medical men—physicians or surgeons of any British, Irish, Colonial,

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raeoaMod a^ronriata corractiva m^%mm9* Satiafa«tory etsar^letlon conaiata of

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side by side with typical and severe cases. There is, to be sure, a striking

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THc packs say a1^ Includa. daf^f^ttoa ttuAr Intandad ^Os Cspeofei), syture'^

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stand that it is found in almost all affections of the internal ear, just the same

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ening of the visual field, nausea, vomiting. Then coma comes on with slow,

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mission nominated by the Prefect. The latter does not confer

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neuritis, anaesthesia, mental disturbances, especially loss of memory, convulsive

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Abtiolb 19. — ^An officer of the Veterinary Department placed Jon half -pay by

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painful sensations (needle pricks) and occasionally also to thermal stimuli.

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patients and the opportunity to gain some knowledge of the clinical problems which the

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is sometimes very plainly seen. The tongue is often apparently protruded to

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the face, are affected later in the same way. The reaction of degeneration can

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quently burst into a lateral ventricle. An abscess of long standing may

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ited to some one region. It attacked elderly individuals who were previously

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students, as affording a true practical training for his future profes-

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credentials for courses of lectures in foreign colleges are assimilated to

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32. 49. H. 1847. Cor. 1836. 40, 41, 42. 47, 48, 49. 1 , Havhy-

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f415. Research in Dermatology. — A course open to qualified students by arrange-

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stucent will nave a working knowledge of the Egg Inspection Report use-,

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and a bedroom the quarterly rates range from $142 to $214 a man if the suite is occupied

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skin is hypera?sthetic, so that at every contact of the skin lively twitchings

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graduates of foreign or colonial ooUegea and uniyersitieB will be con-

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connunl cable diseases, both zoonotic and nonzo(»^t1c, as well #s socie WRce3i!wn1 cable-

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ing from the athetosis sometimes render the articulations so lax that it is

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