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that melancholic conditions were extremely rare, out
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for twenty-four hours. The patient narrowly escaped death from
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posesses one very great advantage and comfort — you reach
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the cavity of the chest, and then a hydrothor-ax is superadded to the pneumonia.
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quantities of splenic fever bacilli, quite a number, however, becoming
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As a great variety of treatment had been tried before I saw the
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eases known as ' infectious,' are due to the activity of
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tatiSy and only spoke of ant-oil to say that its virtues were illusory,
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account that the lymphatics of the mesentery are called '' lacteals."
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smallpox ' (TT 1156), cf. Strelcyn, Medecine, I, 514-15 ; (2) ' obturation of
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possible for you to grow out of it, and then proceed to jump right up,
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In thus speaking of the work of Theobald Smith and Adami,
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being at the upper angle of the scar just beneath the naval. A probe
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aneurism is a simple proposition, but moi'e compli-
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with. We have now to consider that particular variety of pulmonary
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occurs except as it has been communicated from one sick-
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525. Rubber and flexible catheters and bougies will be kept in talc
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proof that they can have no such origin. The " capillary em-
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principles, and having obtained these, free from inert and de-
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met with on microscopical examination is degeneration of the neurons of
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Buffalo, N.Y. ; Attending Surgeon, Buffalo Hospital of
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common and the less serious. It is probable that the two are generally

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