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naval hospital. The main buildings are old. of brick and stone con-
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or ovary to the surrounding parts, the abscesses of these organs
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comparable high serum cholesterol control group. ^ Mortality
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half a grain, if the solid extract was used ; the question of
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and thus produces; a species of chilblain ; and we well know how
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many. By these, however, it has been ascertained that
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tomical changes in this case have left me still in uncertainty as
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to assure the continued consideration of family medicine as
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infection from the tonsil, we can only judge by exam-
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inspection by the pure food department of the states and the inspection
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" pulse, 138 ; extremely feeble ; hands and nails of a purplish
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ticularly unintelligible. The second paragraph should be
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Like all of you, I have seen many cases of recovery
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])assed more safely, and a tampon placed more securely than
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Medicine in Ireland, on Friday, February Gth, 1914. [For the discus-
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ters under the immediate supervision of a matron. The room continued in use
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as the above. The perfect health of the patients is a very rela-
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of the brain is suspected should be studied with increased
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similar curve drawn from the mortality figures for a
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needed. Alcoholic cases require from the outset spec-
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herein. Our Creator has as yet, so far as the writer's observation
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is quite largely devoted to details of experimentation, some of which have de-
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cause a portion of the bladder to come down between the
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Atrophy. — Profuse Sweats, — Embarrassed Respiration. — Pro-
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risk of the amputation. In a few cases where the thigh was
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given as authority for the statement, the stimulating

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