Para Que Es Tofranil 10

the disease, although Bayle went mto greater detail and noted the identity

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involved. There was no disturbance of sensation. The affected regions

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» Brit. Med. Jour., 1896, j>. 1377. ' Amer. Jour, of the Med. Sci., 1896.

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the contracted pelvis. The thoracic spine is so straight tfiat the back is

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para que es tofranil 10

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The abscesses in hsematogenous infections are not likely to be as large as

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assigned them part of the morbid action, and as the adrenals were for a time

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pie, is dofiiiiiei.\ dcpeiideiit i"!!!' its iliUlimic contractility uj)oii n. '

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•'I'll liiiilil (c^lc|■^!. iiiiil t\ r.iNiiijisc ciui ili'i'iiiiiposc, iiof tyiosiii iilidic,

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tlii'V iniiiinlialrlv iitnni to tlirir miirinal pnsitinn w lii'ii tin' cili'ii'iil

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\'\fv. In man\ eases of chronic cirrhosis of tin' liver, as Whipple, etc.,''

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tumors of the right adrenal frequently press upon the cava; those of the left

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